Recruitment Consultant Services We Offer

Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or the project in question. Some of the areas where we assist our clients are:

Procedure We Follow

Facilitating your global reach

Surpassing the gender and geographical hurdles, we classify the potential candidates from local, national or global locations, depending on your necessities. By industry, profession and profile.

Serving all the Industries and corporates

We have a wealth of familiarity gained within blue-chip and high-tech firms as well as SME's segment, of all the possible sectors. We concentrate on finding and placing personnel, experts and senior management for companies across all industry sectors.

Searching for the candidate

We know where to position the chief people of your interest and how to produce their curiosity in your career opportunity. We work to ensure the perfect match.

Shortlisting the candidate

Due to requirements and on clients demand, we conduct a full investigate for the finest candidates for your open position and then set up consultation meeting and pre-qualify them. This round is taken by experienced specialists as well as HR consultants to evaluate the candidate on double criteria of specialized information (like professional expertise and employment goals) and individual fit in the prospective organization.

Hiring process

Our organization not only identifies the most competent candidates for the job but also assist you in all phases of the hiring procedure to ensure that you secure them for employment.

Post selection orientation and travel arrangements

Once the candidate has been chosen and well-versed, we also arrange for his orientation program related to profile, ethics, labor laws of the country of service etc. We also make complete travel preparations including medical checkup, visa assistance etc.

Efficient and cost effective services

We provide a list of competent candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveraging our high-class facilities, recruiters and sophisticated recruiting technology, we help you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than the industrial average.

Tailor made solutions

We are a modified outsourced recruiting service firms, designed to provide a set of flexible, cost-effective hiring solutions to clients of every size and industry.

Database related services

Our organization has a privileged client database and we will be glad to provide contact referrals, upon your requirement and after the evaluation of your requirements. We attempt to maximize your return on human resource investment by capturing the high quality candidates needed by your business to stay competitive.