Message from CEO

Kapil Gupta

At Shella Consultants we believe in working as a team irrespective of position, cast or creed, colour or race. The primary focus is on working together to accomplish tasks and get projects through. We aim at creating a work environment that provides a correct Work-life balance. Work Appreciation is an integral practice that is widely adopted to enhance the morale, skills and competitive spirit for the betterment of the unit in totality.

In an industry where doing quality work is the key to success, we believe in being resourceful, innovative and responsive to the needs of our clients and deliver qualitative consistency in our services to make them cost effective, efficient & meaningful.

To continuously engage ourselves in the process of 'finding efficient Manpower', identify new avenues & opportunities, develop innovative services that deliver optimum customer satisfaction and to nurture talent to respond to the dynamics of changing requirements & technology.

Shella Consultants is my family and we are growing together by our hard work, determination and hunger to be better than beforeā€¦ we are our only competition.

Kapil Gupta
CEO - Shella Consultants

Something about our Mentor and CEO - Mr. Kapil Gupta :

We channelize our efforts under the astute leadership of Mr. Kapil Gupta (CEO), a Management Graduate, having Diploma in Business Finance, Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade and Diploma in E. Business Technologies. Having fifteen years of experience, he has travelled extensively to Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Egypt regarding manpower consultancy and recruitment. He has brought complete professional approach in recruitment and mastered the art of handwriting analysis (Graphology) through which he can select the right candidate suitable for a particular job.