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On Line Psychometric Tests

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Shella Consultants work in partnership with AQR Ltd to distribute Prevue Assessment , MTQ48, Careermapper, ILM etc. AQR Ltd is a highly innovative test publisher working with psychologists from the University of Hull to design tests and measures for a wide range of applications.

Shella Consultants is one of the leading executive search firm servicing Domestic and International companies. We have developed a range of psychometric tests that will help you to select the best candidates for accomplishing the job with perfection. We offer a range of questionnaires covering personality, interest and value assessments. Aptitude and ability tests are used in occupational selection and assessment and vocational guidance of the candidates. A psychometric test should not be used on its own to make a decision or prediction about a person's job performance. There are other factors that are equally important for nearly all jobs.

Psychometric test is not only for candidates seeking job but also for organizations selecting suitable candidates. The tests will often provide objective data about qualities that are difficult to assess during interview. They will also enable particular views achieved through personal interview to be confirmed or challenged.

On line psychometric tests are very useful as - they are quick to complete and give you valuable information on which you can decide on the suitable candidates that you require for different job openings. Some of the types of online Psychometric Tests that we offer to our users include


Prevue is a remarkable, valid and reliable measure that analyzes various aspects of an individual's intrinsic and extrinsic behavior. Research shows that these are the areas of greatest interest to most employers:
  • Abilities
    numerical, verbal and spatial abilities
  • Interests
    in working with people, data and tools/equipment/computers
  • Personality
    to ensure cultural fit with the job and organization.
What does Prevue measure
  • General Abilities
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Working with Shapes
  • Interests & motivation: In working with people, data and things
  • Personality traits
  • Social desirability response
Prevue reports
Prevue provides 5 valuable reports, all capable of being generated within minutes of test completion. Most reports can be created in full and abbreviated formats. The sections of report are-
  • Selection Report
  • Individual reports
  • Personal Development Report
  • Working Characteristics Report
  • Succession Planning Reports
Applications & Context
The reports can be used singly, or preferably in combination, to support:
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Assessment and development centers
  • Succession planning
  • Cultural audits
  • Evaluation and validation of recruitment practices
  • Graduate and junior recruitment - to identify latent potential
  • Team building
  • Performance management
Advantages of Prevue
  • Fast, easy to use and administer
  • Valid & reliable
  • Benchmarking facility
  • Based on a working population norm group
  • Free from gender & ethnic bias
  • Produces 5 different reports
  • Ability to evaluate recruitment & training

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MTQ48 is a reliable and quick assessment method of an individual's ability to withstand pressure in a range of workplace environments. It particularly measures mental toughness in terms of 4 core components - control, challenge, commitment and confidence.
  • Control
    Individuals who score high on this scale realize that they are in control of their work and of the environment in which they work. They are capable of putting more influence on their working environment. They get more confident about working in complex or multi-tasked situations.
  • Challenge
    This aspect describes the extent to which individuals see challenges as opportunities. Individuals who see them as opportunities will identify problems as ways for self-improvement.
  • Commitment
    This describes the ability of an individual to carry out tasks successfully despite problems or obstacles that arise during the course of achieving the goal.
  • Confidence
    Individuals who are high in confidence develop self-belief to successfully complete tasks that may be considered too difficult by individuals with similar abilities but with lower confidence level. Less confident individuals are also likely to make more errors.

MTQ48 Reports
Once the questionnaire is completed, the software immediately generates 4 different reports. Each of the report contain detailed explanations and instructions for their applicants.
Applications & Context
This tool is particularly applicable for senior management, entrepreneurs & business owners and people who are placed in stressful situations, or manage those who are.

There are three major areas where this new measure will add considerable value. They are
  • Recruitment & selection
    enabling better fit with a critical area for good job performance. It is widely used in assessment and development centers.
  • Coaching/development and in personal counseling
    either to help candidates identify and cope with problems or to show them how they can be more effective in key areas in their work
  • Organizational development
    where the organization becomes aware of the potential causes of stress and pressure, they are able to plan and to act to minimize their impact effectively.

On-line Administration
The Online assessment enables clients to order, pay for and complete a MTQ48 assessment with reports being sent back to them automatically via email.

Why MTQ48?
One of the world's first measures of mental toughness
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Generates 4 different reports
  • Efficient - takes less than 7 minutes
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Uses everyday language
  • Inexpensive
  • Accessible
  • High Quality

Added Value
  • Accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of their employees.
  • Build resilience in them.
  • Build teams that can deliver performance.
  • Enable effective coaching & development.

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Career Mapper

Career Mapper is a unique software based tool designed especially for individuals involved in providing advice and guidance to people considering their career, lifestyle and future education interests and options. This test supports an individual in making decisions about their preferred career path and helps them to plan on how to achieve their goals.

The Career Mapper Report
The comprehensive report on this test can be generated within minutes of assessment and instant feedback is also received. The report provides a comprehensive set of outputs that include:
  • Guidance on its use and interpretation
  • A graph of the candidate's scores
  • An overview narrative summarizing the test results
  • A scale by scale detailed report
A report on the individual's working characteristics will include
  • Attitude to Pay
  • Work orientation - Work to live/live to work
  • Risk orientation
  • Change orientation
Once a candidate knows their employability profile this can help to
  • Identify suitable and appropriate jobs and careers according to the level of knowledge, skills, abilities and qualities.
  • Identify specific areas that require development to be able to access different career paths.
  • Provide a comprehensive source of information that will help compile high quality CVs and letters of application
  • Provide an "aide-memoire" for preparing for interviews and meetings.

Applications and context
The Career Mapper report can be used for a number of applications including:
  • Adults
    looking for a change in career
  • Students
    Seeking first steps towards a fruitful career
  • Careers Advisors, Careers Guidance & Teachers/lecturers - Looking for tools to support candidates in their work
  • Parents
    Seeking support to guide their children towards a successful life

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