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A guide for corporate recruiters and HR personnel. Collections of the best resources, carefully chosen for their usefulness in helping employers find, hire, and retain the best employees.
  • Of the various nations receiving inflows from its residents working outside the home country, India is the top recipient of fund flows with an official total of $10 billion in 2001, much of it from highly skilled workers.
  • Some 48 percent of all "H-1B" visas were awarded to professional workers in the United States and they went to Indian doctors, information technology workers and scientists.
  • India accounted for 62.5 percent of the inflows to South Asia, while other competitor, Philippines, accounted for 58 percent of remittances to East Asia and the Pacific in 2001.
  • Around 6.6 million people with Indian passports are officially working outside India. Also, as many as 22,000 foreign IT workers were issued with work permits for the UK last year, of whom 85 percent were from India.
  • Indians constitute the epicenter of the Silicon Valley revolution. About one-third of the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while over 7 percent of valley's high-tech firms are led by Indian CEOs.
  • More than 300,000 Indians worked in technology firms in California's Silicon Valley, with their average income estimated at $125,000 a year.
  • Indians, along with other immigrant groups, make up 43%of the New York City workforce. Foreign-born Indians are at the high end of the educational spectrum as also that for income distribution.
  • A report on the New York City immigrant profile, released by the department of city planning, states that 41% of working Indian males are in professional and managerial positions. Also, 58 % of working Indian females are in professional or managerial positions.
  • According to the US Census Bureau, the Indian median family annual income stands at $60,000 as against the national average of $38,885 and the estimated annual buying power of Indians working abroad stands at $20 billion.
All the above facts distinctly point out to the rise in demand for Indian workers across the globe. The demand is not confined to any particular segment but touches all the possible sectors. This phenomenon started with the advent of global economic boom, combined with labor shortage in developed and advanced countries.

Ever since1970s, there has been a huge and continuing demand in countries of the Gulf and West Asia/ North Africa and lately in USA and UK. Indian workers mostly make remittances to India from the Gulf, long recognized as a significant contribution to India's balance of payments.

This situation presented a plethora of opportunities to the manpower in India and at the same time came to the rescue of countries that were facing shortage of manpower. Skilled, semi-skilled or professionals, there is no dearth of talent in this world's largest republic.

A paradigm shift has occurred from supply-determined migration to one that is now determined by demand. This is good news for Indians with sound education degrees and skills in areas that are short all across the globe, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, cooks and software developers.

Continuing to empower global economy with the much needed "human factor"

Headhunting from India- Why India

India- Gateway to the most sought after human resources & professional expertise
Amongst India's various skills and capabilities, the wealth of trained personnel and a tradition of seeking foreign employment is specially beneficial in the current times. A home to the largest pool of skilled manpower, working offshore is culturally inherent to Indians and this is a great asset when it comes to working in foreign countries. From Engineers, Software wizards, Scientists, Doctors, Accountants and highly skilled Technicians to any other faculty, manpower is abundantly available in India.

It is no wonder that the rosters of many MNC and global companies are repeated with Indian names. From auditors to financial controllers and nervous to brain surgeons- Indians are found at all levels. Successful corporations all over the world have Indians working in senior positions.

A look at some of the strengths that has made India an epicenter of headhunting exercise:
  • Indian professionals are becoming synonymous with information technology (IT). Companies are not only outsourcing low level IT jobs to India but also receiving high level expertise. Amongst the most popular types of Indian IT professionals are software engineers and systems analysts. Both of the jobs require a high standard in mathematics. These are the qualifications currently lacking in countries like USA and UK but are more easily available in India. IT people coming from India are highly proficient in mathematics.
  • India is amongst one of the major recruitment markets in the world for developed countries. For instance, Germany has came up with their own 'Green Card' for Indian professionals. Among the best on offer is the UK's niche highly skilled migrant program (HSMP) for young professionals.
  • Previously, the demand was for Indian engineers, doctors and business managers who had a ready market for their services in developed countries. Now, for the first time, 'Grey collar' overseas job opportunities, for teachers, nurses and chefs, are opening in thousands for Indian professionals.
  • Increasingly, Indians are being directly recruited by companies in the telecom, advertising, hospitality, biotech and financial sectors in places as far afield as Germany, Hungary and Malaysia, breaking away from the traditional job markets of the US and UK.
  • In India, world class academic institutions offer the graduates high levels of qualification and standards. A huge number of students are fluent in English and study the latest developments in their chosen stream.
Apart from the above mentioned intellectual factors, there is a thrust from the recruiters or headhunting sector as well. Most of the good headhunters from India hold the necessary experience in assisting and co-ordination for issuance of Visas/Work permits from local consulates, undergoing statutory medical tests, notarization & attestation of testimonials and completion of air-ticketing formalities. This makes the entire process extremely streamlined, efficient and time saving.

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